Exclusive Services

Whatever your trade, it pays to have a financial consultant on hand who is a specialist in your industry and knows your business inside out.


At HK Consulting Group, we believe in a tailored approach to every client, working alongside you on a long-term basis to keep your business on track for financial success – today and into the future.


Our team of dedicated Accountants and Business Advisers are renowned for their depth of industry knowledge and the quality of their trusted services. Here’s what our specialists can do for your business:

  • Compiling, completing and filing your business tax returns, avoiding penalties for omissions or missed deadlines

  • Preparing your business activity statements for trades that are required to register for GST

  • Expert support with ATO audits

  • Comprehensive tax compliance services, offering advice about the laws and regulations that are specific to your industry, as well as opportunities for deductions and credit

Our specialist taxation advisors are not just here for you when returns and statements need to be filed – we can provide you with the help and support you need all year round, offering advice about all elements of taxation and how you can best make it work for you and your business.


Wealth Advisory Services

Your dedicated industry specialist can work with you to develop a personalised business financial strategy that will help to maximise your finances and give your Trades business scope to grow. Working with our strategic partners, we can help you with the following:

  • Access to the most relevant and cost-effective insurance policies for your specific trade

  • Support with sourcing and accessing business loans

  • Advice about the best investment opportunities for you to secure the future growth of your business

Working with you, we can devise the most effective wealth creation strategies, helping you to make the most of your finances and investments regardless of how well or badly things seem to be going for your business.

We will keep you on track in the present and put systems and strategies in place to ensure that you can look forward to a brighter financial future!


business advisory services

If you want to start a new business, develop new products, fine-tune your operations, or reach new markets, or preparing for succession planning after 40 years in business, our proactive and suitably qualified advisers are happy to help mange, grow and scale your business.

Tell us your story and about your Trades business - the vision, passion, aspirations, key drivers.

Our team of friend and highly qualified advisers can help you:

  • tackle the key issues within your business.

  • monitor the financial health and well-being of the business.

  • challenge and improve your business model.

  • Provide guidance on strategic planning relating to growth and expansion

  • model a number of scenarios and plan for different outcomes.

  • make your core products/services more profitable.

  • Help navigate into new markets and conduct feasibility analysis.

  • navigate to where you want to be financially as a business and a family.

  • Oversee Business Acquisitions and Sales, including due diligence work.

  • or simply help you with the paperwork and accounting while you get started.

We’ll advise you on the best structure - trust, private or public, onshore, offshore, centralised or distributed. We can structure and plan for all the phases, through startup, growth and maturity, ensuring you maximise your return.

We’re not here to just develop the business plan, but to be at your side to make it happen, adapt it when needed and keep you informed you at every critical juncture.


Over the years we have deep experience in helping Trades businesses gain access to real-time data to manage their project profitability through implementation of best in class technologies

Let's Work Together

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We look forward to working with you – we make your business our business!