The Team

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Managing Director

Chief Fun Officer

Kevin is an experienced ENTREPRENEUR and TRUSTED ADVISER to many business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, financially-proactive families.


He leverages his formal qualifications as a Chartered Accountant, Registered Tax Agent, Management Consultant, and Wealth Creation Adviser, to act as a Mentor, Confidant, Independent "Sound Boarding", and in some instances Business (and JV) Partner to many resoundingly successful Business Owners and financially-proactive families across Australia, Europe and Asia.


All of his clients have grown and scaled their businesses and enhanced their family wealth through his services and business relationship.

Living and breathing a purpose-driven life, he is passionate about creating life-changing financial impact for his clients. He achieve this by helping business owners scale and multiply their enterprises, and guiding financially proactive families to build life-long wealth!

Outside of work, he is a father of two beautiful children, devoted husband and elite sportsman (so he thinks...!!!).

(02) 8937 3699


Associate Director - Consulting

Sage Leader & Ying to Kevin's Yang

Over 10 years in the game! Sujee is a Chartered Accountant and Consulting Leader within our Practice. 

Sujeevan is calm, thoughtful and thorough in his approach to the servicing of client's within our Practice.


As a small business specialist and technology-focused outsourced CFO, he is passionate about helping our clients gain perspective and turn their numbers  into actionable insights!


By being a proactive business partner to our small business clients, he helps them stay on top of their ongoing financial performance, and ensure they are always on top of your business objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Outside of work he is a devoted husband, father of one and an Avid Foodie - having had countless delectable gastronomical feasts with Kevin over the years!

(02) 8937 3699

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Operations Manager 

Lily is responsible for the smooth operations within all of our offices.


Without her efficient and hands-on administration across operations, HR, and business administration, we would not be able to service our client in the manner than we can.

She is friendly, personable and de-facto mother hen to all team members!

Outside of work, she is a mum of two and passionate about travel, art and crafts, and an avid foodie (a recurring theme in our Practice 😀)

(02) 8937 3699



Customer Success Coordinator

Sally is chiefly responsible for all of our firm's marketing and business development initiatives. Working closely with Kevin, she acts as our deputy Chief Fun Officer and ensures that our office environment is fun and vibrant - working hard and playing even harder!

(02) 8937 3699