We Make Your Business Our Business

We have an outstanding track record in dealing with a wide variety of Tax, Accounting, Business Consulting, and Wealth Creation demands. HK Consulting Group has worked with individuals and businesses - from the smallest of startups to the largest corporations - and is equipped for any challenge that may come our way. Whatever financial management or business advice you may need, please contact us to see how we can help you out.


and accountants

Imagine having a the luxury of an experienced Commercial Chartered Accountants work closely with you and your business, managing and automating your businesses finances, and providing strategic insight and advice on growing your business. 

At the core of this service, we help our clients save time and allow them to focus on the important things in life - family, health, community, business, and financial freedom.

We are truly privileged being the mentor, confidante and independent "sounding-board" to many resoundingly successful business owners, who through our services have grown and scaled their businesses and enhanced their family wealth.

Working closely with our clients, we adopt the following approach to growing your business:

Measure, Adapt, Assess and Pivot your Business:

  • Develop budgets and forecasts to help measure business performance

  • Provide monthly management reporting and giving you clarity on where your business is heading.

  • Provide guidance on strategic planning relating to growth and expansion

  • Provide timely financial insights and guidance on all business decisions and issues

  • Navigate to where you want to be financially as a business and family

  • Understand your Capital Requirements

Enhance Business Efficiency and give you Peace of Mind:

  • Provide independent advice on your business systems.

  • Oversee your reporting systems to ensure proper bookkeeping and reporting systems are in place.

  • Help your business meet its report and financial obligations 

  • Improve the overall financial governance and financial rigour within your business.


Let us manage all your business, investment and personal taxation affairs. Our services help our clients: 

  1. Reduce their tax bill annually (pay their fair share and nothing more)

  2. Save time and allow you to focus on the important things in life

  3. Grow their business and family's wealth tax efficiently

  4. Protect their wealth from creditors and litigation through proper structuring; and

  5. Gain peace of mind knowing they remain compliant with the Tax Man.

Our team of friendly and highly qualified advisers are available to help you with: 

  • Company, Trust, SMSF, Partnership, Sole Trader and Individual Tax Returns

  • Tax Efficient Wealth Creation

  • Family Offices and High Net Worth Families Services

  • Retirement Planning

  • Investment properties and property development and strategies (taxation)

  • Tax Planning and  Structuring Advice (Company, Trusts, Partnerships, SMSF, International, Investments, Property)

  • Payroll Tax Preparations and Advise

  • Inbound and Outbound International Tax Management.

  • Company, Trust, Partnership, and Business Name Establishment

  • ABN, TFN, GST, PAYG Applications



If you want to start a new business, develop new products, fine-tune your operations, or reach new markets, or preparing for succession planning after 40 years in business, our proactive and suitably qualified advisers are happy to help mange, grow and scale your business.

Tell us your story and about your business - the vision, passion, aspirations, key drivers.

Our team of friend and highly qualified advisers can help you:

  • tackle the key issues within your business.

  • monitor the financial health and well-being of the business.

  • challenge and improve your business model.

  • Provide guidance on strategic planning relating to growth and expansion

  • model a number of scenarios and plan for different outcomes.

  • make your core products/services more profitable.

  • Help navigate into new markets and conduct feasibility analysis.

  • navigate to where you want to be financially as a business and a family.

  • Oversee Business Acquisitions and Sales, including due diligence work.

  • or simply help you with the paperwork and accounting while you get started.

We’ll advise you on the best structure - trust, private or public, onshore, offshore, centralised or distributed. We can structure and plan for all the phases, through startup, growth and maturity, ensuring you maximise your return.

We’re not here to just develop the business plan, but to be at your side to make it happen, adapt it when needed and keep you informed you at every critical juncture.

WEALTH CREATION and financial advisory

At HK Consulting Group, we are passionate about helping our financially-proactive clients achieve their Wealth Creation goals.


We refer our clients to Strategic Partners who possess the same values & dedications to outstanding customer outcomes as our Firm.


Their Wealth Creation services complement our broad suite of services to create a holistic & personalised client experience. These services include:

  1. Financing for a financial investments, primary residence, investment properties, or property development

  2. Commercial Financing for business growth, working capital or asset purchases

  3. Growing your superannuation

  4. Paying off your mortgage faster

  5. Building a property or investment portfolio

  6. Planning for your retirement and realising the value of your business

  7. Checking that you are insured appropriately

  8. Ensuring that your estate planning is in order.

Your goals and objectives will change as you move through your Wealth Creation journey, so it’s important that your Wealth Creation strategy changes with you. 

Guided by purpose, we live to create positive life-long financial impact for our clients.

What Our Clients Say

Business Meeting

John Mcmahon, business owner

The gents of this fine establishment were extremely responsive and proactive. Their attitude and professionalism have prompted me to retain their services ongoing into the future. HIGHLY RECOMMEND to any business owner doing it tough out here with COVID.